Välkommen till natursköna Björkholm Semesterö, Paradiset i Pargas

Welcome to
Björkholm Holiday Island, the Paradise in Pargas

The island covers 86 acres, and is 1.3 km long and 0.5 km wide.

  • The entire Archipelago Sea lies in front of you
  • Nice rocks to sunbathe on
  • Lots of fish, berries and mushrooms
  • Hire a rowing, sailing or motorboat for a sea safari to the
    archipelago national park or for a fishing trip
  • During the spring and autumn this is a paradise for nature enthusiasts
  • Hire our charter boat, watch seals and birds or just savour the scent of the Baltic Sea
Contact us for more information or request for an offer!
Make a booking in advance, our cottages are popular.

Björkholm Stugby 9
FIN 21600 Pargas
GSM: +358(0)400532 731
FAX: +358(0)2 4586 430
e-post: bjorkholm@parnet.fi

"Bring your family, business associates or friends with you to have a sauna, barbecue, go fishing or look at the moon. Here you can find peace and quiet for writing the book you always dreamed about."


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